July 12, 2017
Hi Folks!
We’ve got your bins loaded with some of our favorite summer ingredients to make some of our favorite summer salads. The hot weather across the state has all the summer crops ripening fast with plenty of availability these days from our favorite local farms! The first heirloom tomatoes from Jose Alcantar are perfect with his basil for Italian caprese and/or Tuscan Panzanella. Or, try a traditional Greek salad loaded tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and feta. Enjoy!

Our July Coffee-of-the-Month is in!  –DARK ROAST BLEND– If you haven’t already, let us know if you would like us to include a bag or two with your next delivery!

Special tip of the hat to all the firefighters keeping us safe.

Have a great week,
The HH Team

Just harvested & in this week’s bins:
*Strawberries  (Alcantar Organics, Organic, Carpinteria)
*Burgundy Plums   (Galpin Family Farms, pesticide-free, Reedley)
*Purple Cherokee Heirloom Tomatoes  (Alcantar Organics, Organic, Carpinteria)
*Slicing Cucumbers  (Sunrise Organic Farm, Organic, Lompoc)
*Easter Egg Radishes  (Frecker Farms, Organic, Carpinteria)
*Arugula  (Sunrise Organic Farm, Organic, Lompoc)
*Red Onions    (Sunrise Organic Farm, Organic, Lompoc)
*Italian Basil  (Alcantar Organics, Organic, Carpinteria)
                     – (bin contents may change due to harvest availability)
We appreciate your continued feedback to help us evolve to service you better.  Feel free to forward this email to your friends.  Thanks!

              Panzanella Perfection

                   Caprese Per Favore

This Week’s Tips & Notes:

*Everything can go directly into the fridge except for the basil and tomatoes which can stay on your counter-top. Good idea to give the arugula a quick hydrating rinse and wrap in dishtowel before placing in the crisper.

*CAPRESE PER FAVORE: So many ways to devour the tomato-basil combo…. caprese salads, caprese sandwiches, bruscetta, pasta sauces & any-time-of-day scrambles.


  • Hydration…add slices of cucumber to your water bottle for hot weather hydration.
  • As a “cracker”…use thick slices of cucumber in place of toasts or crackers when serving dips or spreads such as hummus or tzatziki.
  • Slice thinly and toss with rice vinegar, salt, and pepper to taste.
  • Add thick slices of cucs on sandwiches and chopped in salads.
  • Relax & Revitalize:  slice cucs put on ‘em on your eyes!
*ARUGULA, aka ROCKET—>Perfect addition to ANY salad or pasta dish!  10 IDEAS HERE!   Also great on sandwiches or chopped into any salad…the peppery spice is niiiice! Or toss an easy salad of arugula.

This Week’s Recipes:
tomatoes, chopped
cucumber, coarsely chopped
1/2 red onion, peeled, chopped
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
6 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 teaspoon fresh chopped garlic
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1/2 cup pitted black olives (optional) coarsely chopped
A heaping cup crumbled feta cheese
Whisk the olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, vinegar, oregano and dill weed together until blended. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. (Can be prepared 3 hours ahead. Let stand at room temperature. Rewhisk before using.)
Combine the tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives in a bowl. Toss with dressing. Sprinkle cheese over and serve.
*adapted from hharchives

*the perfect make-ahead summer meal….Traditionally a mix of day-old bread and tomatoes, softened with a vinaigrette that mixes w/ fresh tomato juices.  Add ARUGULA:)

2-3 tomatoes tomatoes, diced
1/4 cup thinly sliced onion
1 cucumber, halved lengthwise and cut into large dice
1 bunch basil leaves, torn into large pieces
2 cups day-old country bread, torn into large pieces
1/4 cup lemon and olive oil dressing
freshly ground black pepper
Combine half of the dressing with all of the bread, toss to coat well, and set aside at room temperature to marinate for about 10 minutes.
When the bread has marinated, add the remaining dressing and all the other measured ingredients and season well with salt and pepper.
Mix together with your hands until well incorporated. Let rest at least 15 minutes to allow the flavors to meld, then serve at room temperature.
*adapted from chow

2 tomatoes
fresh mozzarella or burata
1 large handful basil leaves
extra-virgin olive oil
balsamic vinegar (optional)
salt, pepper
Slice the tomatoes. Slice the mozzarella balls (if using large balls) into similar-sized circles.
In an alternating pattern, arrange the slices of tomatoes, the slices of cheese, and the basil leaves on a plate.
Sprinkle lightly with the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pepper, and salt. Serve immediately.
*adapted from smittenkitchen

The garden-fresh taste of a handful of summertime ingredients makes this light pasta dish a standout. Although the dish can be served hot, it’s really excellent at room temperature, which makes it perfect for summer entertaining. Note that you need an hour of room-temperature marination prior to assembly in order to let the flavors to marry and intensify.
2 ripe tomatoes (about 2 cups, cut into 1/2-inch dice)
1 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
¼ cup chopped fresh basil
Sea salt (to taste)
Pinch red pepper flakes
8 oz pasta of choice
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 clove garlic (minced)
freshly ground pepper
Combine the tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, red pepper flakes, garlic and herbs in a medium bowl. Add sea salt to taste and let sit at room temperature for 1 hour.
Bring 2 quarts of water to a boil and add 1 tablespoon of salt. Add the spaghetti and cook according to package directions.
Drain the spaghetti and transfer it to a large bowl. Add the tomato-herb mixture and the beans, and toss to combine. Adjust seasoning as required. Serve the spaghetti immediately or at room temperature.
Leftovers can be refrigerated, covered. To serve, let the pasta come to room temperature or reheat in a microwave until hot.
*adapted from earthboundfarms

1 bunch fresh basil

1/4 cup parmesan cheese, grated

1/4 cup pine nuts

1 garlic clove

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup olive oil

Place all ingredients in a food processor and puree until smooth.

Serve on sandwiches, pastas or for a dip
*adapted from weelicious
2  cucumber
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons distilled vinegar
1 tablespoon sesame oil
salt, pepper
1 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds

Rinse, peel (if desired) and thinly slice cucumbers . In a bowl, mix cucumber with 1 teaspoon salt. Let stand until cucumber is wilted, about 45 minutes. Rinse and drain; squeeze excess liquid from cucumber and return to rinsed bowl.
Add 2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar, 1 tablespoon Asian sesame oil  and salt and pepper to taste. Serve at room temperature or cold.
Shortly before serving, sprinkle salad with about 1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds.
*adapted from smittenkitchen
bread, ideally freshly sliced ciabatta
extra virgin olive oil
mince garlic, chop 2 tomatoes, chop 2 loose handfulls basil and combine in a bowl and toss lightly.
toast six-inch wide slices of Tuscan bread and gently rub them with a cut clove of garlic.  add chopped chopped tomato mix and then drizzle with olive oil. season with salt and pepper to taste.
*adapted from hhachives

1/3 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
5 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon finely grated lemon peel
1 bunch arugula
Blend first 4 ingredients and transfer to bowl. Toss in arugula and season dressing with salt and pepper.
*adapted from bonappetit

6 3×2-inch pieces crusty ciabatta bread, halved horizontally
5 tablespoons (about) extra-virgin olive oil, divided
2 garlic cloves, peeled, halved
1 8-ounce ball burrata cheese, cut into 12 wedges
1 bunch cut arugula
Finely grated peel from 1 lemon
Preheat oven to 400°F. Place bread halves, cut side up, on baking sheet; brush bread with 2 tablespoons olive oil. Toast bread in oven until crisp and light golden around edges, about 15 minutes.
Remove from oven. Fill small bowl with water.  Lightly brush each bread half with water (do not soak). Rub cut sides of bread halves with cut sides of garlic halves.
Place 2 bread halves, cut side up, on each of 6 plates. Drizzle each bread half lightly with olive oil. Top each half with 1 burrata wedge; sprinkle with salt and freshly ground black pepper and drizzle lightly with olive oil. Toss arugula with 1 tablespoon olive oil in small bowl; sprinkle with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Mound arugula salad atop burrata on each bread half; sprinkle each with grated lemon peel and serve.
*adapted from: bonappetit

1 bunch radishes
thinly sliced whole grain bread
unsalted butter, room temperature
coarse sea salt
cut bread into 1/2 inch slices (toast if you prefer)
slice radishes as thinly as possible
spread a layer of butter on the bread and arrange the radish slices on top
sprinkle with coarse sea salt
It’s amazing how something so simple can have such delicious flavors.
*adapted from foodjetaime

Sliced cucumber
4-5 basil leaves
Sparkling water

Add cucumber and basil to a pitcher. Top with sparkling water and stir well. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Take out the basil before serving. Make a big load!!!
*adapted from archives
loaf crusty baguette
large ball fresh mozzarella cheese
2 cup sliced ripe tomatoes, with juice
½ bunch fresh basil, chopped
1 fat garlic clove, minced
3 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
~coarse sea salt
~freshly ground black pepper
Slice baguette in half and set aside. Cut cheese into ½-inch slices and set aside.
In a medium bowl, combine sliced tomatoes with chopped basil, minced garlic, olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste.
To assemble the sandwich, alternate layers of tomatoes and cheese along one side of the baguette. Drizzle both sides of the bread with the tomato juices that have accumulated in the bowl. Place top half of the baguette on the bottom. Serve immediately.
*adapted from culinate

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