Know Your Farmers

“No nation is healthier than its children, or more wealthy than its farmer” -Harry Truman

Real food comes from farmers.  HelloHarvest proudly sources your produce from local, responsible farmers.  We encourage you to get to know them:



Alcantar Organics

Carpinteria, CAalcantar1

Always love the hi-quality offerings of Jose Alcantar of Alcantar Organics. Jose grows a wide variety of vegetables and berries on two main plots tucked between the foothills and the 101 fwy in Carpinteria. Jose is as skilled as they come, and is one of the best people we know. He grew up farming with horses and cattle in the fields in Guanajuato, Mexico before becoming the foreman of famed Tutti Frutti Farms here on the Central Coast. Jose now farms for himself on about 14 organic acres and is a mentor to many up and coming younger farmers in the region.


Roots Organic Farm

Los Olivos, CA

Jacob Grant founded Roots Organic Farm in 2002, in his hometown of Los Olivos, CA in the fertile Santa Ynez Valley. After mentoring under master-farmer, Shu Takikawa, Jacob leased his first 3 acres of land and has been scaling up his farming operation ever since. A popular fixture at the farmers’ markets, Roots Farm grows top-notch organic produce, like unique heirloom varieties of sweet carrots, tender lettuces, tomatoes, leafy greens, leeks, new potatoes, little gems, beets and berries. Find Roots Organic Farm at farmers’ markets from Solvang and Santa Barbara to Malibu and Santa Monica.


Ellwood Canyon Farm

Goleta, CAjack&jaff

Jack Motter (right) and Jeff Kramer are life-long friends who grew up in fourth generation farming families in the small town of Brawley, CA, located in the desert of Southeastern California. After attending UCSB, and not wanting to leave the beach, Jack established Ellwood Canyon Farms in 2009, and shortly after that, Jeff jumped on board to help out. Jack and Jeff are some of the hardest workers around, and in the last few years have really ramped up their organic operation. Ellwood Canyon Farms is located on fertile river bottom loam in Western Goleta up Winchester Canyon Rd, and there, the two buds grow a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers to sell directly to the local community. We especially love their shishito peppers, carrots, summer melons, cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, leafy greens, strawberries and nutty winter squash. They implement sustainable organic methods of farming where the focus is on building long term soil fertility through crop diversity, crop rotation, cover cropping and applying compost. Only the finest varieties of vegetables are grown on their farm, often specialty or heirloom, chosen for their taste, nutrition, and beauty.


Givens Farm

Santa Barbara, CA

What started as just one acre in 1980, today spans across 180 acres in the Goleta Valley.  At any given time, Givens’ Farm will be growing between 20 and 60 different crops.  Experience, precision and  make for year-round All organic!  “We at John Givens Farm believe that diversity of crops creates a more sustainable farming ecosystem, while greater biological variety provides a healthier diet for its consumers.”  John and his team harvest daily to provide you with the freshest food possible.  Firm believers of the benefits of eating locally, John Givens Farms strives to grow and distribute their food close to home, saving fuel and refrigeration costs, thus naturally leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the planet.  John varies his crops depending on the season; some winter favorites on the farm are crisp Nantes carrots, Kabocha squash, colorful varieties of peppers, sugar snap peas and heirloom tomatoes.


Earthtrine Farms

Ojai, CA

Robert “BD” Dautch of Earthrine Farms began his career as an organic farmer in 1974 and is an early pioneer of organic agriculture in our regions. Today, BD grows over 100 different crops throughout the year and always showcasing a unique display of herbs on his farmers’ market tables. BD is truly in touch with the land and soil and is a master of tuning his farming with the seasons…using full organic farming practices. Earthtrine  Farm is situated on 13 scenic acres out in Ojai and 5 more acres in Carpinteria.


Fair Hills Farms

Paso Robles, CA

A truely family-run operation, the Rydell family at Fair Hills Farms has been growing produce since May of 1992 when they planted their first apple tree. Located at the Estrella River Basin in Paso Robles, David and Nancy Rydell, along with their 3 daughters operate over 100 acres of prime-time soil and a unique climate of hot days and cold nights. They offer 11 varieties of apples, apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines, pears, pluots and plums. They also grow Cabernet and Sangiovese grapes from which they make organic wines. The Rydell’s love their long-time farmers’ market circuit, from SLO thru Hollywood.


Milliken Family Farms

Goleta, CA


Visit Chris Milliken and his family farm HERE


Friends Ranches

Ojai, CA

Friends Ranches has been pumping out citrus in the Ojai Valley for over a century.  That’s right, over 100 years!  Tangerines are their specialty, but based on the season you may also find blood oranges, grapefruit, Meyer lemons, and a variety of avocados.  Friends Ranches is also known for their refreshing, fresh-squeezed orange juice, citrus punch, and lemonade, which you can find them selling at farmers markets across Southern California.

There are thousands of citrus trees on the Friends Ranches properties, ranging in age from 1 to 99 years old.  They don’t treat their fruit with wax or preservatives, and they supply by order—so there’s no storage, and fruit is used within a week or less.


Burkdoll Farms

Galpin Family Farms

Sunrise Organic Farm

Good Land Organics

Rancho Santa Cecilia

Frecker Farms

The Garden of…..

Hilltop & Canyon Ranches

Lane Farms

Ebby’s Organics

Chuy’s Berry Farm

Whitney Ranch

Mallard Lake Ranch


Rancho La Familia

Avila & Sons Farm

Finley Farms

Mud Creek Ranch

Glen Annie Organics

Don Vincent

San Marcos Farms

Lily’s Eggs





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