“One of the best things we’ve done in a long time has been to sign up for HelloHarvest deliveries. The produce comes to our door, fresh, local, organic, zero pesticides and zero waste because there is no packaging.  My kids get excited to see what has come each week, sample veggies and discover new foods with the familiar ones. We are all eating healthier – salads, steamed vegetables and fruit every day. We love it.”
-YB, Agoura Hills, mother of 3

“just the weekly joy of being surprised”
-HH member (via survey)

“I have used HelloHarvest for my family and recommended them to multiple clients.  As a Registered Dietitian who believes in local, sustainable organic produce, this service provides all those things as well as delivery to your doorstep complete with flowers and a smile.  It just does not get any better than that! Not only is HelloHarvest healthy for your body but for your budget as well.  You cannot even come close to buying the amount and quality of produce you receive each week at your local farmer’s market.”
-Susan B. Dopart, M.S., Registered Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist,  Santa Monica

“The grapes in last week’s bin were the sweetest grapes we’ve ever tasted.  I found my 2-year old on the kitchen floor shoving blackberries in his mouth, and he usually hates berries.  A great bin, once again!”
-LR, Agoura Hills

“There is simply no comparison between what HelloHarvest delivers and what I can buy at the market (or anywhere, for that matter). And knowing that my food dollars are supporting local farmers feels great. The recipes are key… well done!”
-Lynn, Venice Beach

“Ben, I absolutely ADORE HelloHarvest.  Love the weekly surprises and the fun of figuring out how to cook the veggies.  The quality is top notch and we’ve especially loved all of the grapes and lettuce varieties.  The corn has been amazing too.  Keep up the great work!  Happy holidays to you too!”
-KN, Pacific Palisades

“I love that you have made eating sustainably so EASY! I’m a busy woman without a lot of time to shop and having food delivered to my door has enabled me to eat the way I want to without the hassle of driving to farms or working around Farmer’s Markets. Thank you!”
-HH member (via survey)

“As always, everything is wonderful. We especially went nuts over the nectarines – they are absolutely perfect this week. I made stuffed 8-ball squash last night using many of the items in the bin and everyone loved them, including my 5-year-old son who is very picky. I think it was because they looked so cool and had lids!

I’ve been watching some documentaries and learning more about the local, sustainable farming movement. I was just curious, how did you get into this business?  How long has Hello Harvest been around?I feel so lucky to have found Hello Harvest.  It’s extremely important to me to raise my kids with an awareness of what they put into their bodies, where their food comes from, and what the impacts of their choices as consumers are (that last one will come more when they’re older…). I have brought both of them to farmers’ markets since they were tiny infants, but we can’t always get it together to go every week, so your service is perfect.  Plus, it makes me try things I wouldn’t necessarily buy at the farmers’ market, but I usually end up enjoying so much.  Thank you, once again!”
-JL, Calabasas

“My kids asked if they could take celery and tomatoes to school tomorrow and want the exact same dinner tomorrow night – eggplant, spinach salad, salmon and perfect strawberries – thanks guys – it was perfect. I am not going to have any celery, carrots or strawberries beyond tomorrow…”
-LC, Agoura Hills

“Ease of obtaining fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, it forces me to try vegetables I normally would not eat, which has been a treat.”
-HH member (via survey)

“Thank you for the bin I got today, the produce is gorgeous!  The blackberries will be a certain hit and a special treat.  And that celery…WOW!”
-SK, Agoura Hills

“We love the beautiful produce – my 9 year can’t wait for celery because ”it tastes like celery”. After a number of months, I realize I am saving money every week  because I am eating all my fruits and veggies because they all taste so good.”
-EC, Westlake

“…the big difference is the quality, so much better than supermarket food…”
-CC, Agoura

“Your produce is hands down the BEST quality of any of the [competitors’] bins…….so it’s worth the extra dollars, for us. I’m pretty savvy with my farmboxes though:)”
-MS, Santa Monica

“the reason I come to work on Thursdays…”
-JD (who gets his bin delivered to his office)

“I love the produce and knowing that it is local. I also really appreciate the emails that give me an idea of what to expect and some recipes to help with preparing them. Also love the occasional video that offers instructions on how to cut/prepare some of the fruits and vegetables. Thank you for all of your flexibility in switching dates when I’m out of town!”
-HH member (via survey)

“We love HelloHarvest. The variety seemed to be better in the fall. It is probably tough in the winter to vary the produce as much, but it feels like there have been many repeats lately. We are looking forward to spring fruits and veggies! Thanks for offering a great service.”
-HH member (via survey)

“I love that it gets delivered to my door and I don’t have to trek to the farmers market. I have tried many fruits/vegies that I haven’t tried before and loved them. Everything is super fresh – I LOVE the flowers!”
-HH member (via survey)

“Very happy with HelloHarvest… beautiful produce, friendly and attentive service.”
-HH member (via survey)

“Saves me time and introduces me to new things.”
-HH member (via survey)

“I LOVE your idea of delivered local produce… we only eat organic food. We’re beating cancer at our house.”
-HH member (via survey)

“it’s like a fun surprise each time it comes, the convenience of not having to go shopping”
-HH member (via survey)

“I love that it is so easy to get local and high quality produce!”
-HH member (via survey)